'If I Stay' Casting: We Pick 3 For Adam

If I StayWho will play the rock-and-roll foil to classical musician Mia in the big-screen adaptation of "If I Stay"? That's the topline question following yesterday's news that "Kick-Ass" star Chloe Moretz will play the 17-year-old in the upcoming film.

To be sure, Mia's boyfriend Adam is one of the dreamiest love interests in all of YA. (Fighting words, I know...) Singer and guitarist for the band Shooting Star, Adam is sweet and sensitive and incredibly sexy. (The three S's...swoon!) Without giving too much of the plot away for those who have yet to read Gayle Forman's heart-wrenching novel, Adam plays a large role in Mia's decision whether to stay. And we love him for it.

While Gayle paints a very vivid picture of Adam's personality and quirks, his physical appearance is less precise. Which leaves lots of room for options! With one caveat: Seeing as a 15-year-old has been cast in the lead we will not be party to any 30-year-old-as-high-schooler business! (Sorry, Cory Monteith.) With that in mind, here are our three picks for the crooning cutie:

Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker

We've missed seeing this dark, brooding actor on our TV screens each week as Adam Conant on The CW's now-defunct "Secret Circle." What better time, then, for him to make his mark on film? Plus, he's a musician! Thomas released an album in 2008, the internet tells us. Clearly, he's more than ready to front his own fictional band.

Austin ButlerAustin Butler

No one ever said a tall, mysterious rocker-type couldn't be blond. As bad-boy Sebastian Kydd on the brand-new CW series "The Carrie Diaries," Austin's soulful gaze and quick smirk have left us longing to pen a mushy missive in our own diary. This could be the perfect hiatus project for Austin once the series wraps for the season.

Carter JenkinsCarter Jenkins

As an in-love high-schooler trying to lose it to girlfriend Emma Roberts in the 2010 ensemble rom-com "Valentine's Day," Carter Jenkins was simply the sweetest (and looked pretty darn hot wearing nothing more than a guitar and a smile). Rock out with your co—never mind.

Who would you like to see play Adam in "If I Stay"? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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