Sleepwalk With Us: Peep An EXCLUSIVE Scene From 'Side Effects'

If you've always wanted to spend 52 EXCLUSIVE seconds with a sleepy and super-confused Channing Tatum—and seriously, who wouldn't?—then today is your lucky day, you lucky dog. Just in time for the upcoming release of "Side Effects," we've got an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film that features Channing as the befuddled husband of a sleepwalking Rooney Mara.

In this thriller, Channing and Rooney play a married couple who are finally starting their lives together—a moment delayed unexpectedly by Channing's arrest and imprisonment for a mysterious crime (although it can't be anything too terrible, since he looks pretty much the same coming out as he did going in). In an effort to cope with the stress of her husband's upcoming release, Rooney begins taking medication that helps combat her depression and anxiety, but that also prompts her to walk in her sleep while listening to sitar music. Y'know, among other things. And though the available trailers for the film have been pretty vague and leave the plot largely unspoiled, even in this minute-long sneak peek you can tell there's something sinister going on. Creepy!

"Side Effects" hits theaters February 8.

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