Re-Casting Couch: We Take Another Shot At 'The Selection'

The SelectionOh, "The Selection." We just can't quit you! Fans were predictably thrilled by last year's news that Kiera Cass' YA novel, about a group of teenage girls in post-apocalyptic competition for the love of a prince, was greenlit for development on The CW—and understandably devastated when the project got shot, then shelved indefinitely by the powers that be. But don't start recording your tearful post-mortem confession in the limousine just yet, y'all: As we reported yesterday, "The Selection" is getting another shot, and this time, they swear that they're committed. And we believe them! (Just don't hurt us, CW. We've been hurt so many times before!)

HOWEVER. With all the upheaval, "The Selection" lost its leading lady: Aimee Teegarden has moved on to other projects. And that means that the field is once again wide open for a young, up-and-coming actress to snag some steady work! So join us on the casting couch, won't you, as we offer up our picks to play heroine America Singer.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra's piercing blue eyes would make her a standout in any crop of bachelorettes; we have no problem believing that she'd capture the attentions of a picky prince. But the actress, best known for her role as the daughter of Athena in the "Percy Jackson" movies, is also a thoughtful performer who would give "The Selection" some real depth.

Sharon Pierre-Louis

After a long stint on "The Lying Game" and a brief appearance in "Django Unchained"," Sharon is perfectly positioned to break out with a starring primetime role. Plus, she's a classically trained opera singer—a natural fit for the role of the musically-inclined America.

Taissa Farmiga

We loved Taissa on "American Horror Story"; the girl can play "angst" like nobody's business (possibly because, unlike most actresses cast in high school-aged roles, she's still an actual teenager). And with a preference for dark, subversive scripts, she could be right at home in the creepy dystopia of this Hunger-Games-meets-The-Bachelor reality show.

Who's your perfect pick for "The Selection" leading lady? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!