'If I Stay' Lands Lead Chloe Moretz, New Director

Chloe MoretzAmong the long-gestating book-to-film projects we've been keeping close tabs on is Gayle Forman's arresting 2009 weeper "If I Stay." (We're not kidding about the tears—stock up on the Puffs Plus if you're planning to spend an afternoon with this read.) Optioned by Summit Entertainment, "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke was originally set to helm, with actress Dakota Fanning in the lead. But after a few shake-ups in late 2010, we haven't heard much about this fledgling film. Until now.

Variety has the news that "Carrie" star Chloe Moretz will now play the role of 17-year-old protagonist Mia, with "Nashville" executive producer RJ Cutler in talks to direct.

A quick plot primer: "If I Stay" centers around Chloe's character Mia, a talented cellist who's wrestling with the decision to remain in Oregon with her rocker boyfriend versus moving to New York to pursue her musical aspirations. But she may not get the chance to decide, when she and her family are involved in a catastrophic car crash, leaving Mia in a coma.

With a sequel, "Where She Went," published in 2011, this saga could be a one-two punch for the 15-year-old "Kick-Ass" star, whose production plate looks to be full, full, full over the coming year.

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