'Anna Dressed In Blood' Is On Its Way To Hollywood Thanks To Stephenie Meyer

Anna Dressed in BloodStephenie Meyer is developing "Anna Dressed in Blood"! Also, "Anna Dressed in Blood" is being made into a movie by Stephenie Meyer! ...And so concludes that awkward moment when one of the best YA horror stories ever is being adapted for the big screen by the creator of the most big-deal supernatural romance in the history of histories, and you don't know which of these things to lead with because they're both so freakin' exciting. (I don't know what to do, okay? MY WHOLE BRAIN IS CRYING.) Either way, it looks like all that time spent on the set of the "Twilight" films must have given Stephenie Meyer a taste for seeing the magic of YA literature made into feature-length films—and just 'cause the "Twilight" franchise is dunzo, that doesn't mean the magic has to end!

According to the LA Times, who caught up with a knowledgeable source at the Sundance Film Festival, Stephenie (who had a producing credit on the last two "Twilight" films along with her latest book-to-movie adaptation, "The Host," and "Austenland") has scored the screen rights for last year's best ghost story about a murderous spirit in a blood-drenched dress. The book follows Cas, a ghost hunter by trade, who finds himself flummoxed by attempts to re-kill the spirit of the titular Anna. (She's a particularly recalcitrant and nasty ghost, but she inexplicably spares his life.) The title was on plenty best-of lists of 2012, and its gothic gore in combination with a screen-ready romance should make it a definite hit in theaters—and with Stephenie's company, Fickle Fish Films, already pushing development, we're thinking it won't be long before we're getting some truly juicy details about the movie-to-be.

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