'Delirium' Pilot Ordered By Fox

Because we have the memory capacity of a goldfish, we'd kinda forgotten that Lauren Oliver's lovely "Delirium" series had gotten a nod from Hollywood two years ago—but if you've been waiting with bated breath ever since the announcement that screen rights had been snapped up, here's your long-awaited news about where the adaptation's at! Per a report from TVLine, the first book has been officially sent into development as a pilot at Fox, where it'll take shape alongside a few other dramas.

For those not in the know, "Delirium" centers on a 17-year-old girl named Lena, the contented citizen of a futuristic society in which love has been renamed "delirium" and deemed a dangerous sickness. Young people eagerly await their 18th birthdays, at which point they'll be given the surgical cure and live out their lives free of the dreaded "disease" alongside government-selected mates. But when Lena contracts delirium just weeks before the procedure that'll forever eradicate her feels, she starts to ask questions. Questions like, "Hey, should I really be this enthusiastic about a government-mandated lobotomy?" (It's a good question!)

With nothing but a development order on the table, it'll still be a while before we see what Hollywood makes of "Delirium." But with writer Karyn Usher (previously of "Prison Break") assigned to the script, we're betting on great action and perfect pacing for this adaptation.