'True Blood' Taps New Cast Members For Season 6

January is a tough month for "True Blood" fans, being right in the middle of that long, dry waiting period (which, as we all know, sucks) between the end of one season and the start of another. But while it'll be months 'til the blood gushes from Bon Temps again, at least we've got a little midwinter pick-me-up in the form of some casting news: according to Deadline, Amelia Rose Blaire and Jurnee Smollett have been tapped for recurring and/or regular appearances on the show.

Jurnee, who you probably know best from her stint on "Friday Night Lights," will be a series regular, although her character Nicole Wright is only vaguely described as someone who's "more concerned with the common good and doing what’s right" than with financial gain. (We see her potentially fitting into the ongoing battle against the fundamentalist Sanguinistas; what do you think?) And Amelia will play the daughter of Louisiana Governor Louis Burrell, a character who does not share her father's all-consuming hatred for the befanged, which could make her a powerful ally for Louisiana's vampires...or at least willing to have sex with every vampire in Louisiana in order to distance herself from daddy's bigoted ideals. I mean, let's not forget which show we're talking about here.

Any guesses about what's next for "True Blood"? Theorize in the comments!