It's Round Three Of The MTV Movie Brawl!

Things are getting serious in the 2013 MTV Movie Brawl, y'all: So far, the cutthroat bloodbath of our single-elimination tournament has seen the defeat of "The Bling Ring," the death of "Beautiful Creatures," and the disemboweling of every single member of One Direction...y'know, cinematically speaking. (Stop sobbing! Harry and Louis are fine!) But it's gonna get even hotter before it ends; we're down to the elite eight competitors, and the third round of voting is open.

Do you have a special affection for "The Host"? Are you raring to see "Spring Breakers"? Does the second film in the Hobbit trilogy have you tapping your hairy feet in anticipation? Or are you a superhero hater who's desperate to see the elimination of Percy Jackson, or Iron Man, or Katniss Everdeen? Now's your chance to weigh in, and see your most-anticipated film of 2013 move on to the penultimate round! ...Or to see your movie arch nemesis suffer crushing defeat and go home empty-handed. You are your own master. Click over to the Brawl to vote!

Which movie do you hope makes the final four?

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