Mark Wahlberg Wields A Bat In MTV's After Hours

What you are about to see needs no explanation...but if we had to give you one, it would be this: sometimes, a couple of dudes just like to get together, compliment the contents of each others' pants, and then blow off a little steam by systematically beating various objects into teeny-tiny pieces with a baseball bat.

Hey, who doesn't, right?

And that's what you're about to enjoy in this very special episode of MTV's After Hours, in which our own Josh Horowitz is joined by the exquisite Mark Wahlberg, star of the upcoming "Broken City," who's taken a break from his busy schedule of making movies and talking to animals in order to indulge in a little wanton destruction.

This feature is called "Break it Down," and that's just what the guys are doing—literally, for the most part! Although there's a little emotional truth-telling at the end there as Mark gets in touch with his feelings through violence. And while there's no end to the list of things that meet a messy end in our show—from bottles to records to toys to a sheet cake—it's nice to see that Mark still feels a little loyalty to the furry friend he shared screen time with last year. We wouldn't have wanted to see Ted be abused like that.

What did you think of this very special moment of male bonding?