Jennifer Lawrence's 'SNL' Promo Is Here, And It Is Awesome

No doubt, there's still one person out there—a joyless person who hates fun and sunshine and whose heart is full of spiders—who isn't looking forward like crazy to seeing Jennifer Lawrence in her sketch comedy star turn as the host of "Saturday Night Live" this week. But the rest of us? CANNOT. WAIT. Jennifer's comic abilities are already legendary amongst her fandom, but they really deserve a wider audience. And just to heighten the anticipation, the promo video for the episode is finally out on the interwebs, where Jennifer's award-winning (Golden Globes, what!) charisma and comic timing is on full display.

Of course, like every great actress, the "Hunger Games" star needs a few takes to get her intro right—and by "get her intro right," we mean "give an impromptu acceptance speech, banter with Jason Sudeikis, and commit accidental homicide with a poorly aimed arrow." She's impeccable in all of 'em, of course. And with half a week of rehearsing still to go until she's on stage at Rockefeller Center, we fully expect that William Tell-style archery trick to be in top form by the time the show goes live...even if a few cast members are, um, missing.

Jennifer will host "SNL" along with musical guest The Lumineers on Saturday, January 19.