'Girls' Star Allison Williams Brings Her Pirate's Booty To 'The Mindy Project'

Allison Williams is a greedy girl. One buzzy series just isn't enough for the actress, who in addition to starring on the Golden Globe-winning HBO show "Girls," will begin her mult-episode arc as "Eye-Patch Girl" on tonight's "The Mindy Project."

And, darn her, if she doesn't look just as gorgeous dressed like a seafarer.

Allison plays Danny's (Chris Messina) love interest, whom he meets in the E.R.

What sort of interaction (if any) she'll have with Mindy Kaling's character is unclear, but the doctor's real-life alter ego was nonetheless thrilled to have her on set.

"Excited for a brand new #TheMindyProject tonight, kicking off an arc for my pal Allison Williams! She's feisty you guys," Mindy tweeted earlier today.

"The Mindy Project" airs on Fox at 9:30/8:30c.

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