'Catching Fire' Will Have 'Whole Different Visual Sense'

It shouldn't come as a surprise to famished "Hunger Games" fans that when "Catching Fire" blazes into theaters on November 22, we'll be treated to a few changes from the franchise's first installment. And that's not simply due to a new tale being told but also to the direction of helmer Francis Lawrence, who took over from Gary Ross.

Over the weekend, MTV News caught up with series star Toby Jones (a.k.a. announcer Claudius Templesmith) and asked him to delineate a few of the differences between the two auteurs.

"It's a very different rhythm he works at. A whole different visual sense that people will be excited about," Toby said on the Golden Globes red carpet. "There's a whole different way of showing the film that I can't really talk about. There's a very interesting way that they're going to dramatize the Games themselves."

Interesting indeed! Though Toby couldn't elaborate, he did explain the reasoning behind taking a small role in the blockbuster saga.

"I'm there because my kids love the book," he said. "There's no huge revelation about my character. My kids are happy that I'm in the film. It means they get to go touch the hem of Jennifer Lawrence's garment. That's why I'm there!"

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