Finnick Is Fine In New 'Catching Fire' Stills

Hear that, princess? It's the screaming...of a thousand "Hunger Games" fangirls having the greatest flailing freakout of their lives. Because a pile of "Catching Fire" stills hit our inbox today, along with a brand new flaming Mockingjay poster for the upcoming film.

And in that pile: a look at each of the series' sexiest gentleman characters in action! Whether you pine for Peeta, go crazy for Gale, or fancy District 4's Finnick Odair, there's a delicious buffet of man-meat awaiting. Unless you like Haymitch, of course, in which case you're out of luck, but you're also a weirdo who likes lank-haired men with booze breath and hammertoes. Look at your life! Look at your choices!

But first, look at this! Among the new pics from the long-awaited sequel to last year's dystopian blockbuster: one ever-so-slightly-steamy-looking shot of Finnick and Katniss, in which the trident-wielding golden boy appears to be whispering sweet nothings into our heroine's ear. (Also: Those who doubted Sam Claflin's ability to play the Games' flirtiest tribute with an appropriate level of panache, take a look at that smirk and prepare to eat crow.)

And elsewhere, you can see Katniss and Peeta looking pretty on stage—presumably in an early scene from the film—along with a less-formal photo of the cast in mid-chat with director Francis Lawrence. Want to view all the stills? Click through for the flipbook!

"Catching Fire" releases November 21.

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