Get Enchanted By EXCLUSIVE 'What The Spell?' Trailer

After spending most of our high school years wishing we could snap our fingers and turn our class' reigning queen bee into a newt (what, like you didn't?), there's something terribly seductive and fun about the idea that somewhere, somehow, a gifted young witch could magically manipulate her own high school experience into, y'know, not sucking.

So we are seriously loving the wish-fulfillment aspects of Brittany Geragotelis' "What the Spell?", the new YA novel coming this month whose trailer we have the EXCLUSIVE pleasure of debuting today! So grab your pointy hat and broomstick, and let's all peep the exciting story of a teenage witch whose new-found abilities could either save her sophomore year...or condemn her to the sort of hellish self-sabotage that can only come from the misuse of one's supernatural powers. Magic is pesky that way.

Meet Brooklyn Sparks: a girl whose greatest sweet 16th birthday gift is the ability to finally access her magical birthright. Drunk on power, the young witch makes big plans to rule the school, get the guy, and forever banish all traces of her natural hair color—all while steering clear of the freaky high school A-group led by a mean girl named Gigi.

But magic can work in mysterious ways, and the more you use, the more you might lose yourself in the bargain...and from the looks of it, there's a 50/50 chance that Brooklyn's efforts will spell trouble. Hee, hee. See what we did there? OW, STOP HITTING US.

"What the Spell?" hits shelves January 29.

What do you think of the trailer for "What the Spell?" Will you be picking up a copy later this month? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!