6 More Movies That Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling Need To Make

It goes without saying that we love seeing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together—in anything, really. They were adorable as a pair of unlikely lovebirds in "Crazy, Stupid, Love," and sizzling with their high-drama dalliance in "Gangster Squad," and... and... and look, we just don't want it to end, okay? So we've come up with the following list of films in which they might continue their collaboration, ranging from action-packed blockbusters to quiet romances. Where might they begin? How about:

A Jane Austen period drama!

Any one of Austen's classic love stories would be a perfect vehicle for our dynamic duo —especially in a historic setting where conversational chemistry is everything. Plus, Emma in empire gowns and elaborate hats; Ryan in breeches, a waistcoat, and a cravat... sorry, 'scuse us, we need to find something with which to wipe the drool.

An apocalyptic action flick!

Imagine the excitement of watching Emma and Ryan as they battle for the survival of the earth itself, against a horde of zombies/aliens/evil cats hell-bent on world domination. And then, imagine the excitement of watching them take on the responsibility of, y'know, ensuring the survival of the human race, ahem.

A buddy cop comedy!

Picture this: Emma is a straight-laced young superstar, rising through the ranks of the LAPD thanks to her no-nonsense attitude and sparkling work ethic. Ryan? A grizzled, hard-drinking detective who doesn't. Play. By. THE RULES. But it'll take their best teamwork—and plenty of chase scenes through the maze of shipping containers at the San Pedro port!—to take down a drug-smuggling ring led by a mysterious overlord known only as... The Finger.

A cerebral political thriller!

We've already seen Ryan be so good being so bad in the dirty campaign espionage of "The Ides of March," so it stands to reason that adding Emma into the mix—perhaps in a film featuring the two of them as political aides on opposite sides of the aisle—would be even better.

A supernatural romance!

We've always suspected that Ryan Gosling is sort of superhuman, anyway—the guy does something heroic and saves the life of a stranger every other week—so it's only natural that he should play a man who's more than human, right? We're not picky! Alien, mer-man, werewolf, yeti... he'll be one, and Emma will fall in love with it. Yes? Yes!

A dramatic reading of the phone book!

Some people might be merely joking when they claim that they'd pay to watch their favorite actors read the phone book...but not us.

Did we miss a genre that Ryan and Emma would be perfect in?