What Would 'Girls' Characters Bring To A Viewing Party?

DVRs across the country will be working overtime on Sunday, with both the Golden Globes and the second-season premiere of "Girls" keeping us otherwise occupied. (Seriously, Aunt Gertrude. Don't call us. We won't answer.) And if you've boldly decided to eschew the Hollywood glad-handing for a dose of Brooklyn real talk, we bet you're also the sort who eagerly accepted an invitation to a viewing party or two.

Now, if you're still wondering what fete favors to pack for your hostess, don't fret! We recently caught up with the cast of the HBO series and asked them to theorize what items their characters would bring to just such an affair. (We can't, however, guarantee the legality of said items.)

Up first: Lena Dunham, who plays hapless Hannah. "She would probably bring, like, some bad champagne she got at a corner store," Lena said.

Meanwhile, best friend Marnie (played by Allison Williams) would no doubt err towards the opposite extreme.

"A dress that in some way is inappropriate for the viewing party," Allison said with a grin. "A gown probably. Or a cocktail dress!"

Then there's Ray, Shoshanna's eccentric paramour, played by Alex Karpovsky.

"He'd probably bring a board game, some nachos and guacamole and maybe a DVD of early Andy Kaufman footage," Alex guessed.

But if any star had her character's predilections down pat, it's Jemima Kirke, who decided wild-child Jessa would bring a hallucinogenic of some sort. "Probably something really anti-social," she mused

Click play on the video above to hear more from the stars of "Girls," including Zosia Mamet and Andrew Rannells.

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