Would 'Girls' Ever Shart?

Amidst the high-brow headlines of the week (i.e. the return of "Downton Abbey," Oscar nom snubs) the internet broke caught wind of a much seedier story: "Today" weatherman Al Roker's admission that he soiled his undies at a fancy White House fete. Yep, he sharted.

We've been so obsessed with this story, in fact, that when we headed to the red-carpet premiere of HBO's "Girls" last night, we had to ask creator and star Lena Dunham her thoughts. After all, the 26-year-old's comedy rarely shies away from the taboo, instead embracing the awkward and uncomfortable with aplomb. So would sharting ever find its way into a plotline? (The answer may surprise you!)

"I'm not into poop humor," Lena explained. "That's where I draw my line. That's for some people. That's not for me. So Al Roker is safe on my set."

Executive producer Jenni Konner agreed, but for a much different reason: "Well, you know, my friend [writer/director] John Hamburg made up the word, 'sharting.' The first time it was used was in 'Along Came Polly,' and I wouldn't use it because, to me, it's already been done as perfectly as it can be done."

A perfectly done shart? Okay then...

Will you be tuning into the "Girls" season-two premiere this week?