Emma Stone Free-Associates With Us After Hours

Y'know, we were just thinking yesterday that it had been far too long since we sent our own Josh Horowitz to torment some hapless celebrity with an on-the-spot free-association challenge of psychological fitness...and then, like magic, the newest edition of After Hours featuring Hollywood star and incomparably good sport Emma Stone suddenly appeared like a gift from the internet gods. Hooray! And if you enjoy these occasional goof-offs between our intrepid interviewer and his famous friends, you'll love this one —in which Emma emotes to photos of everything from a burger to her boyfriend.

The game is played thusly: Josh holds up a picture, and Emma has to express her feelings about whatever she sees. And while things got off to a slow start, it wasn't long before the "Gangster Squad" actress was doing an impromptu performance of a One Direction song, talking about her new favorite meme-generating applications, or enthusiastically complimenting her interviewer on his extreme handsomeness...albeit while refusing to look him in the eye. (Our personal favorite: the scrunched-up face she makes in response to a photo of "Spider-Man" co-star and real-life boyfriend Andrew Garfield. Worth a thousand words, that one.)

What do you think of Emma's turn in After Hours?