'Hunger Games' Wins Big At People's Choice Awards

The People have spoken! Last night was the yearly all-American popularity contest of the People's Choice Awards, where universal favorites from the music, TV and movie biz took the stage to receive their hard-earned honors (along with a big sparkly glass prism trophy that could fill your entire house with beautiful rainbows if you put it in the window...which is what we assume the winners all do. I mean, why wouldn't you? Rainbow party zone!) And this year, the People chose especially wisely: just check out our gallery of all the ubertalented people who ended up making acceptance speeches last night.

Two of our most beloved ladies were delighted to take home their PCAs: Emma Watson looked genuinely moved as she thanked the nation for her Favorite Dramatic Actress honors, and Jennifer Lawrence broke out her biggest smile when she won the overall Fave Movie Actress award. But it was "The Hunger Games"that was last night's biggest winner; the whole ceremony was an ongoing lovefest for the dystopian action flick, which picked up the win for Favorite Movie, Favorite Action Movie, and Favorite Franchise, along with awards for Favorite Face of Heroism and Best On-Screen chemistry for its cast.

Want to see more award-winners onstage? Click through to see the whole gallery! And if you want the full rundown of who won what, scoot over to MTV News for the big list.

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