Happy 24th, Nina Dobrev! Here's A Birthday Bucket List!

Nina DobrevLight the candles and mix up the Funfetti, y'all: It's Nina Dobrev's birthday! The willowy star of "The Vampire Diaries" turns 24 today, which means cake and presents and celebrations galore...but it also means that she's got only one year left before she's scheduled for the traumatically trendy horror of a quarter-life crisis. (All the kids are doing it these days.)

So while you sing the birthday song to Miss Dobrev—you are singing, right?—we've put together a sampling of things for her to cross off her bucket list over the next year, to maximize her chances of hitting the big two-five with regrets numbering ZERO. And here it is! Without further ado...

Nina's Anti-Crisis Top 10 To-Do List:

1. Wrestle an alligator.

2. Win an Oscar.

3. Win an Oscar while wrestling an alligator.

4. Blow off steam with a starring role in a low-budget horror film with a name like "Ghost Killerz 4: My Soup Has A Face."

5. Eat 100 things that begin with the letter "W."

6. Skydive.

7. Voice the role of the lady villain in a first-person epic quest game.

8. Make tabloid headlines with rumors of a secret wedding/pregnancy/demonic possession.

9. Tweet something cryptic and laugh as wild speculation ensues.

10. Make the worst-dressed list. (It's gotta happen sometime, right?)

What would you like to see Nina accomplish in the next year? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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