Peep Behind-The-Scenes Snapshots From 'The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion'

If you've been camping out front of your local movie theater, waiting for action-adventure alien romance "The Host" to finally make its appearance in theaters, you might want to take a brief detour to your local bookstore for the latest advance look at the film! (Go on, we'll hold your place in line.) That's where you'll find the amahhhhzing "The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion," a big juicy paperback guide to the cinematic adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi novel.

It's your chance to get an advance, in-depth look at how the sausage gets made...only better, because the making of sausage is an absolutely disgusting process involving ground meats and sheep intestines, whereas the making of this movie is all about cool locations and fancy sets and behind-the-scenes shots of Jake Abel looking all squinty and sexy in the desert sun.

And if you want a sneak peek at the sneak peek, then keep it here a sec longer to sneakily peek out our exclusive bunch of photos from the guide. There's a sweeping panorama of the survivors' underground cave, a thrilling shot of little Saoirse Ronan flinging herself out a window (or her stunt double; either way, it's boss), and even a caught-in-action confab between various crew members and Diane Kruger around the shiniest car in the world—the same one we saw giving chase in the trailer, right? Exciting!

"The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion" is available now. "The Host" hits theaters March 29.

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