Should Booboo Stewart Hop The 'Divergent' Train?

Toot toot for Booboo?

With actress Shailene Woodley reportedly in place as lead Tris Prior and a March 21, 2014, release date scheduled, we have to believe producers are on track to cast the fellow members of our fierce female's dystopian world in "Divergent." In fact, we've already heard rumblings about the four actors vying for the part of love interest Four (and we took the chance to cast the role ourselves), but we haven't heard much about the other supporting players. Until now.

Our friends over at Twilight Examiner caught wind of at least one actor ready to hop aboard the train: Booboo Stewart. The actor has mounted something of a Twitter campaign in the hopes of landing the supporting role of Uriah.

Fans of Veronica Roth's novel (upon which the movie is based) will remember Uriah as Tris' friend and fellow Dauntless initiate—a tall 16-year-old with brown eyes and dark skin, who is thought to be of Middle Eastern descent. Though it's not a lead role, it would be a nice follow-up (and potential springboard) for "The Twilight Saga" star now that the franchise has come to a close.

What do you think of Booboo as Uriah in "Divergent"? Do you have someone else in mind? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!

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