'Beautiful Creatures' Bumps Opening To February 14

OMG you guys, "Beautiful Creatures" wants to be our Valentine! Wheeee! It's so romantic! The upcoming film, based on the YA series about a Southern coven of pretty spell-casters, has pushed its release to February 14—one day later than originally intended, per a report from Deadline.

Alas, this means that we'll have to wait a day more than we thought to see Lena Duchannes claim her magical birthright (booooo! hisss!), but on the other hand, it does give us a chance to show the movie just how much it really means to us by choosing to spend time with it on this very special holiday...and for our boyfriend to show his love by accompanying us without complaint. No, really boyfriends: We don't want to hear it. Shut your faces and buy the tickets. We are having a beautiful black magical Valentine's Day and THAT IS THAT.

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Are you bummed that "Beautiful Creatures" got pushed to the 14th? Or is it the best Valentine EVAR? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!