Emma Watson: 'I'm A Bit OCD About Perfectionism'

Marie ClaireIt's too bad Brown University doesn't offer credits in Cover Modeling 101, because starlet Emma Watson would be on her, like, fifth master's degree by now. The "Perks of Being a Wallflower" star—clad all in black and sporting some seriously pouty red lips—graces February's Marie Claire UK, in which she opens up about about her increasingly impressive career and her personal priorities.

It's no secret the 22-year-old hasn't taken much of a break since the "Harry Potter" franchise cast its last spell in 2011. In between college courses, Emma's worked on numerous projects including "Perks," "My Week With Marilyn" and the upcoming "Bling Ring." But that's the way Emma likes it. "I'm a bit OCD about perfectionism," she admitted to the magazine. "I'm my own worst critic. I think that's really hard but it also spurs me on."

But Emma's also a pro at prioritizing, outlining what matters most to her: "Friends and family come first and work comes second; that's just how I live my life."

And if you have a problem with that, well, Emma doesn't too much care.

"Now I feel a lot more settled in who I am and what I think and how I want to do things," she said. "And because I feel good about what I'm doing, I don't need anyone else to say whether they think it's good or not."

Add a doctorate in sass to those five master's degrees...

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