AnnaSophia Robb Is An It Girl In Teen Vogue

AnnaSophia RobbIf you don't like AnnaSophia Robb's preternaturally adorable, what's wrong with you? The girl is like the human equivalent of a basket full of big-eyed fluffy kittens, seriously, it's impossible not to love her. But whatever, kitten-hater: point is, you'd better prepare yourself to be seeing a whole lot more of AnnaSophia, because with her great new gig as a young Carrie Bradshaw on "The Carrie Diaries" comes great responsibility—including the responsibility to appear in many, many magazines for some in-depth discussion of her new It Girl status. Look, it's already happening! Just feast your eyes on her cover appearance in Teen Vogue next month, where she proves that not only can she hold her own as a model for all things mod in an op-art photoshoot, but has some very Carrie things to say about her career, her love life and the magic land of New York City.

There's no question that any story taking place in the world of "Sex and the City" needs a certain amount of respect for the "city" part—and according to AnnaSophia, she absolutely shares her character's awe of the island of Manhattan.

"There's so much going on—I actually get a little nervous on the weekends, wondering what to do and who to hang out with," she said of her New York experience. "When I used to watch 'Gossip Girl' or 'Sex and the City,' I thought the things that happened were totally exaggerated. But then I got here and realized they're not. That's what it's really like!"

Another thing she has in common with Le Bradshaw: She's single...and, like her character, a little annoyed by the fact that she's currently experiencing a dating dry spell.

"I think I must make a stank face," she said, her theory on why she rarely gets approached by guys. (We don't believe it. That face could never be stank!)

But while her love life might be lacking, her career momentum is carrying her forward in a major way—which is just how the actress wants it. Initially reluctant to take on a television role, she said that after reading the script, "I realized it was actually a really strong story. It had a lot of heart and integrity, and Carrie seems like a character that I can grow with."

Will you be watching AnnaSophia when she makes her "Carrie Diaries" debut in two weeks?