Reeve Carney Hopes To Emerge From His Isolation Cabinet With New Music

Reeve Carney is all about his isolation cabinet these days. But it’s not as weird as it sounds. You see, the actor/singer has found a practical use for it—he's recording his next album.

“Oh man, I’ve built a recording studio in my house, and it’s been great actually,” the "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" star told MTV News about working on new music. "I built a thing called an isolation cabinet, so I can actually record electric guitars in my New York apartment without disturbing my neighbors. It was really cool. So I’ve been in between shows and at night and in the morning, I record in my apartment."

The album also sees Reeve going it solo. He’s hustling to make the recording happen without any assistance. "I’d say the great thing about what I’m doing now I have a little more to do it,” he said. “So I have a chance to raise the level of quality and to be a part of every part of the process. I’m playing a lot of the instruments, if not all of them, on the tracks.”

So what does Reeve listen to to get into the mood to create? "I listen to everything all the time or nothing depending on if I’m working or not,” he said. “I’ve never been a fan of one particular type of genre, everything from classical music...even to like urban music. I sort of like it all."

But, alas, don’t expect to see Reeve’s rap album anytime soon. He laughed, “I don’t know if I will ever rap, but maybe there’ll be like a collab up in there somewhere.”