Nicolas Hoult And Teresa Palmer Get Close In New 'Warm Bodies' Stills

Here's a little fresh meat for the zombie fandom! Out now is a new series of stills from upcoming undead romance, "Warm Bodies," the cinematic adaptation of Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. The slew of images hit the internet today with the same satisfying splat as a warm, steaming pile of brains (braaaaaaaains!) freshly liberated from some unlucky person's skull. Hooray! Let's look at them while we eat lunch!

Although the most recent trailer for the film promises plenty of action, the new photos are all pretty quiet, up-close and personal, showing the necrotic protagonist R (Nicolas Hoult) and his living human ladyfriend (Teresa Palmer) in a totally Facebook-ready album of adorable new-couple activities: gazing deeply into each other's eyes, playing cute little happy-slap games, listening to each other's heartbeats (okay, heartbeat, singular), and even meeting each other's friends! It's all very romantic, really. Except for the blood smears.

"Warm Bodies" will be out on February 1.

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