Niall Horan And 'Downton Abbey' Star Allen Leech: Separated At Birth?

Have you been watching "Downton Abbey" on repeat (ahead of Sunday’s highly anticipated season three premiere) and thinking to yourself: "Why does Branson, the show’s dishy, bad-boy chauffeur, remind me of someone? There’s just something about him that is so familiar..."

Well, pop-culture fanatics, we have and we know who it is that we think—actually, know—he looks like.

That’s right, the easy-on-the-eyes actor who plays Branson (his real name is Allen Leech, FYI) looks uncannily like One Direction singer/heartthrob Niall Horan. Don’t believe us? We’ve even put photos of them side by side to prove just how right we are about this one.

Now, besides the fact that they look a lot alike (they have the same adorable face shape, baby blues and fair-colored hair...swoon!), they also have similar Irish brogues since, you know, they're both Irish. They could literally be brothers. Like, really hot brothers.

And that brings us to our next point. We hardly consider ourselves casting directors here, but should they need someone to play Branson’s baby brother come season four, we suggest they look into getting Niall on board. Raise your hands if you want to see him all done up in period costumes.

*Raises hand*

Do you see the resemblance between Niall and Branson? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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