Which Hollywood Hottie Do You Want To Kiss On New Year's Eve?

Joseph Gordon-LevittWe've got bubbly on ice, a sparkly dress in the closet and the perfect shade of lipstick with which to finish off our perfect pout for maximum New Year's Eve kissability (laced with essence of bacon to bring the men a-flockin', mmm-hmm). The only thing missing? An eligible bachelor to plant one on! But thanks to Hollywood's extra-fruitful yield of hotties—a veritable bumper crop of men we'd like to, y'know, bump crops with—we're all ready to make a selection from one of several primo hotties... with your input, of course. We've got hunky tributes, wallflower dreamboats, shirtless superstuds, singing revolutionaries, and yes, for the last year ever, a sparkly vampire who's looking for love. Which of these good-looking guys would you most like to forget auld acquaintance with as the last seconds of 2012 tick away? Pucker your lips and get clicking!

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