The 2012 Best-Of Poll Winners Are In!

With just three days left in 2012, it's time to dole out the gleaming crowns, the glittering tiaras, and the rhinestone-spangled banana hammocks honoring the lovely, lucky winners of our yearly best-of roundups! (With the cast of "Magic Mike" in the running for so many awards, we have to be thorough, you know.) We opened up the polls to you, the most discerning and culture-savvy denizens of the internet, while our nominees duked it out for domination in all sorts of creative categories. So strike up the band, clap your hands and get ready to sing your most rousing rendition of "Auld Lang Syne," while we celebrate the successes of...

The award: Best On-Screen Couple

And the matching tiaras go to: No surprise here! In the final year of "The Twilight Saga"'s big-screen run, its leading lovers, the newlywed Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, dominated in this category.

The award: Best-Dressed

And the couturier's crown goes to: Bella Swan didn't just win the heart of the fandom for her membership in the year's hottest relationship; she also won all of the awards for hunting cougars in a cocktail dress.

The award: Best Channing Tatum Moment

And the sequined thong goes to: Despite a strong showing for his other bottomless appearance in "The Vow," Channing's nearly naked turn as a swank stripper in "Magic Mike" was the resounding winner for this year's Sexiest Man Alive.

The award: Best Sex Scene

And the solid gold prophylactics go to: Not even the "Twilight" fandom could outvote the National Society for the Appreciation of Robert Pattinson's Nude Upperbutt! Despite a nomination for his vampire bang-a-lang in "Breaking Dawn," his skin-tastic turn as a slutty social climber in "Bel Ami" edged out the top spot.

The award: Best Shirtless Moment

And the bronzed Ab Rocker goes to: This category's competition has never been stiffer—from Taylor Kitsch's topless turn in "John Carter" to the entire be-thonged cast of "Magic Mike." But the dark horse in the competition for Most Perfect Pecs of 2012? Ryan Guzman, who won by a landslide for shedding his shirt and showing off his, uh...moves, in "Step Up Revolution."

Did all of your favorites win?