'Girls' Season 2 Trailer: Even More Relationship Angst

Even though we're still contemplating whether Adam is murdery in a sexy way or murdery, in like, a murdery way, HBO is gifting us with yet another sneak peek at the upcoming season of their hit "Girls," which debuts January 13 at 9 p.m.

Much like in the first trailer, Hannah is again worrying over the nature of the boys she fancies. "I guess I can just never tell whether guys are attractive in a losery way or, like, they're just losers," she muses. (Hint: If he wears headgear resembling a hacky sack, the answer is always yes.)

And though it would appear from the season one finale, that Jessa doesn't have to worry about such things anymore considering she tied the knot with Thomas-John, well... the honeymoon might be over. Witness her literal handkerchief moment in the tub.

Elsewhere, exes Marnie and Charlie are trying to amicably co-exist in their friend group, but Charlie's tortilla-soup-contest-blogging GF isn't having it: "I'm tired of seeing you around everywhere," she tells Marnie at a gathering. Clearly, she hasn't been in New York long enough to know that the person you don't want to see is the person you'll see EVERYWHERE.

Watch the full trailer for season two of "Girls" below!