Top 5 Style Superstars Of 2012

With 2012 coming to a close, the year-end best-of lists are flying fast and furious around the web—and on this blog, we've been considering every conceivable category, from Hottest Movie Sex to Favorite YA Novel to Best Thing Channing Tatum Did This Year (where his revealing performance in "Magic Mike" is currently in the lead about five times over, proving once again that there's nothing the public loves more than a naked, gyrating manbutt.)

And this week, we're bringing you a very special edition of our Friday Style Superstar feature...with five phenomenal red-carpet looks that were the most super of all, and a chance for you to crown the queen (or king!) of this year's fashion scene. Who will be our Style Supernova? Only you can decide between...

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad

Blake was a glamorous stunner in this dizzying dress with intricate op-art beadwork—and the Veronica Lake sideswept curls are absolutely classic.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture

This has been an amazing year for Anne, and not just because she went from embodying Catwoman's feline bad-assery in "The Dark Knight Rises" to delivering a shoo-in-for-Oscar performance in "Les Miserables." The actress has developed a daring and unique sense of style to go with her uber-celebrity status—and while many of her red carpet looks were killer, this floral high-necked gown was a particular standout.

Robert Pattinson in Gucci

Not only was he ubiquitous this year—with three films to promote, there was no escaping RPattz in 2012—but Rob brought major game to the masculine style scene with his penchant for well-tailored, bright-colored menswear. The best? His green houndstooth suit at the "Breaking Dawn" premiere.

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab

Taylor rarely makes a fashion misstep, but she also has a tendency to play it safe—always going for the same signature combo of shimmery gold-hued gowns, soft blonde waves and lush red lips. Imagine our surprise and delight when she took a chance in this sexy red gown with ooh-la-la lace paneling on the bodice... and nailed it!

Jennifer Lawrence in Tom Ford

Truth: We could have filled every one of our available Superstar slots with Jennifer's looks from the various "Hunger Games" premieres; she was flawless at every single one. But this backless, black, long-sleeved dress from the Paris premiere was an especially daring and different choice—and she wore it like whoa.

Whose look do you think deserves top honors?