'Vampire Academy' Casting: Who Should Play Dimitri?

Yesterday, we took a seat on the Hollywood Crush Casting Couch to select three lovely ladies capable of slaying Strigoi as "Vampire Academy" heroine Rose Hathaway. And today, it's all about Rose's diligent yet oh-so dreamy instructor Dimitri Belikov.

The strong, silent Dhampir is a perfect foil to the impetuous, often reckless Rose, and with a well-chiseled body and an enigmatic personality, it's no wonder the student is quickly drawn to the teacher. So let's take a look at the five Hollywood hunks we think could wear Dimitri's leather duster with aplomb.

Ben Barnes

With his angular features and dark mop of hair, it's no wonder Ben Barnes has long been the fan favorite to play the god-like guardian (he's definitely the actor I imagined while plowing through Richelle Mead's unputdownable series). At 31, the "Prince Caspian" star is edging towards the end of the age spectrum for the 20-something Dimitri, so here's hoping producers can fast-track this project, like, yesterday.

Taylor Kitsch

I want only good things for the erstwhile Tim Riggins, especially after unkind 2012 in which the actor's trio of films failed to impress. I've long said the star should angle for a franchise role that will give him the sort of exposure he needs to really launch his film career, and "Vampire Academy" could be it. (Plus, have you seen the man without a shirt on? UNF.)

Kit Harington

Thanks to his star-making turn as Jon Snow on HBO's epic fantasy "Game of Thrones," Hollywood has been knocking very loudly on Kit Harington's door these days, with roles in several upcoming films, including "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and "The Seventh Son." And it's no coincidence he bears a striking resemblance to No. 1 on our list—consider him Ben Barnes 2.0.

Steven Strait

Despite roles in films like "10,000 BC" and "Stop-Loss," Steven Strait has yet to break out in a big way. And we're not sure why. Just look at that handsome face! Much like the case with Taylor Kitsch, Dimitri could be the role that 26-year-old Steven has been looking for.

Jared Padalecki

At 6'4", Jared Padalecki is the closest to measuring up to Dimitri's towering 6'7" stature, and with his long-running role on The CW's "Supernatural," the actor is no stranger to dealing with all manner of mythical foes.