Which Pop Star Would Amanda Seyfried Trade Places With?

So, check this: All this time that we've been fantasizing about how much we'd love to occupy the lives of our favorite "Les Miserables" movie stars? Turns out that they've been fantasizing, too—about taking over the lives of a favorite pop star for a day (or even longer! There's some borderline obsession going on here, yo.) When MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked the cast which musician they'd love to trade places with, every single one of them had a response ready to go.

For instance: This clearly isn't the first time Hugh Jackman has thought about how much he'd like to be the iconic pop musician, Sting.

"He's so damn cool," Hugh enthused, "and his voice gets better with age...and have you seen this guy's houses? This guy knows how to live!"

Meanwhile, Amanda Seyfried confessed to a major adoration for the hipsterrific Lana Del Rey—gushing, "She gets to sing really cool songs!" before adding that she also admires Lana's unique and self-possessed ability to do her own thing.

But the biggest reaction came from Anne Hathaway, who was all over this question after having spent some time with her idol during her "SNL" hosting gig last month:

"I would love to be Rihanna for the day," she said. "She's just the coolest sweetest prettiest girl—I have such a crush!—and her style is off the hook, and she's nice and she's funny...she's just delicious."

What do you think: Could Anne pull off a stint in RiRi's shoes?