'Love Actually' Is All Around In These 10 GIFs

Love ActuallyChristmas is just six days away, and our bodies couldn't be more ready—what with all that peppermint hot chocolate coursing through our veins and "Run Rudolph Run" worming into permanent residency in our ear canal. But few holiday trappings get us in the mood quite like the romantic comedy "Love Actually."

To be sure, we've never been shy about our affections for this 2003 ensemble flick, which stars some of Britain's biggest talents like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln. So in a gesture of appreciation (and for no other reason, really), we've rounded up our 10 favorite GIFs illustrating that love actually is all around.

Put on your finest lobster costume, crank the Billy Mack and keep reading past the jump!

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