Anne Hathaway Describes Frog-Costume Karaoke With 'Les Mis' Cast

A classic story of blood-spattered student revolution? Whatever. A beloved, iconic musical brought to life on the big screen? Meh. Oscar buzz so loud that it sounds like a swarm of angry mutant bees? PFFFFFFT. Let's be real, okay: The true, lasting value of "ever assembled. And if you doubt it, just look at the sheer unadulterated delight on Anne Hathaway 's face when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked about their mic-dropping good times during the world tour to promote the movie.

Of which there were many, according to the actress who played the movie's tragic heroine—but Anne confirmed that the best of the best, karaoke-wise, was undoubtedly...

"In Japan," she said. "We thought, 'We have to do karaoke here.' It's amazing, because they have costumes."

Not only that, the cast had to fight amongst each other for the honor of wearing one particular performance ensemble. Said Anne: "Our favorite costume—it was collective—was this huge green fleece that had a frog hood on it. Amanda [Seyfried] and I took turns putting that on. That was, like, the rap suit."

And yes, there's more—and if you watch the video til the end, you'll find out some fascinating trivia about both Amanda's penchant for "angry rap" and Hugh Jackman's best-ever karaoke experience with a cigar-smoking John Travolta—but we're just going to leave you here...with the image of Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried busting rhymes in a green frog-faced furry outfit.

You're welcome.

Which "Les Mis" cast member's karaoke performance would you most like to see?