'Vampire Academy' Casting: Who Should Play Rose?

In case you missed the bloody good news, the production company behind the big-screen adaptation of Richelle Mead's "Vampire Academy" announced Monday that screenwriter Daniel Waters ("Heathers") has turned in a screenplay for the film, described by producer Don Murphy as "smart and funny, clever and really a great read." (News, it should be added, we greeted with a little happy dance that looked something like this.)

Of course, we're still a long way from sitting in a dark theater, chomping popcorn while Dimitri puts Rose through her paces. (BOM CHICKA WAH WAH, AMIRIGHT?) But, we still can't help but wonder which pretty young thing would be perfect to play our favorite headstrong Dhampir. Which is why we're cozying into the Hollywood Crush Casting Couch to share our picks for the guardian. Be sure to share your own in the comments below!

Lyndsy Fonseca

It's not hard to see why Lyndsy Fonseca was among the many Hollywood hotties who auditioned for the role of Katniss Everden in "The Hunger Games." Fierce yet feminine, Lyndsy's a certified pro at kicking butt thanks to her CW series "Nikita." At 25 years old, she's eight years Rose's senior, but she's still fresh-faced enough to pull off playing a teen.

Hailee Steinfeld

Another would-be District 12 tribute, Hailee Steinfeld is not only a talented actress (remember that Oscar nomination for "True Grit"?), but at 5'7" is a near-perfect physical facsimile for the fiery femme fatale. Plus, we'd love to see Hailee follow in the footsteps of victor Jennifer Lawrence and anchor her very own blockbuster YA franchise.

Phoebe Tonkin

We know Phoebe largely from her small-screen roles on CW fare like the short-lived "The Secret Circle" and "The Vampire Diaries," but we think it's high time the Australian beauty break into American cinema. And with her deep-set eyes and pouty lips, Phoebe embodies Rose's self-described "semi-exotic desert-princess features" to a T.

Who do you think should play Rose Hathaway in the "Vampire Academy" movie? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!