Taylor Kitsch, Robert Pattinson Top Our 2012 Hump Day Hotties

Sadly, 2012 is nearly over. And, if we survive the Mayan apocalypse (we probably will), it will be remembered as the year that many a hot dude graced our presence. Last week, we counted down the first half of our Top 10 Hump Day Hotties Of 2012, and now we finish the list. So, what guy is this year’s No. 1 Hump Day Hottie? Read on to find out!

5. Taylor Kitsch

Ever since “Friday Night Lights,” we’ve been crushing on this hunky leading man. And, as the star of a number of 2012 movies including “John Carter,” "Savages" and “Battleship,” Taylor proved he was born to have us gawk at him on the big screen. And he will prove it once again when he drops “Lone Survivor” and “The Grand Seduction” next year. He’s the perfect man to star in a movie called “The Grand Seduction”... Are we right people?

4. Chris Pine

Those baby blues happened to be one of the main reasons why he went to the theater to see Chris fight for Reese Witherspoon’s heart in “This Means War.” That and because he was sparring with Tom Hardy. With a stellar 2012 behind him, Chris isn’t going anywhere next year thanks to roles in “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Jack Ryan.” We’ll “Star Trek” in the dark with this guy an-y-time.

3. Ben Whishaw

Between his role as James Bond’s gadget guru, Q, in the massively successful “Skyfall,” and his part as the dishy, yet inquisitive Freddie on “The Hour,” we can’t help but fall for Ben and his wonderfully floppy hair. It’s a good thing he’s got several films lined up, including 2013’s “The Zero Theorem,” to keep us swooning.

2. Max Greenfield

The Golden Globe-nominated actor and star of “New Girl” makes Schmidt’s overcompensating neuroticism look super sexy. So sexy, in fact, that the dude has bagged himself the heart of a fictional supermodel. Oh, yeah, he’s also got killer abs. Week after week, Schmidt has proved that whatever shenanigans he finds himself in, we want to be there right alongside him. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

1. Robert Pattinson

Listen, there really isn’t anybody else who deserves to be 2012’s ultimate Hump Day Hottie. As we bid "The Twilight Saga" a fond farewell, and look forward to anything and everything that Robert has up next, we know that he’s worked hard to get here. Let’s help him relish the moment.

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