'Girls' Gets Glam With New Nail Polishes

FROM MTV STYLE: You know what really fancies up a onesie? A perfectly pretty manicure, that's what! Thank goodness, then, that Deborah Lippmann has concocted a collection of nail lacquers inspired by the four friends of HBO's hit series "Girls."

That's right! Just in time for the show's second season, you can pick up a collection of shades representing Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa.

"Deborah Lippmann's colors are irreverent and classy and I've always coveted them (and stolen them from my mother), so who better to embody the 'Girls'' spirit in polish form," said creator/star Lena Dunham. "I've been wearing Hannah like it's going out of style."

We're personally enthralled by Jessa's Bohemian Burgundy, but you can take a look at the entire collection over (and get pre-order details) at MTV Style!