‘Vampire Academy’ Movie Moves Forward With Screenwriter, Script

Fans of Richelle Mead’s fangtastic “Vampire Academy” series have been bloodlusting after news regarding the big-screen adaptation ever since the rights were optioned by Preger Entertainment way back in the summer of 2010. Now—finally!—there’s some forward motion on the long-gestating project.

According to the film’s official Facebook page, “Heathers” writer Daniel Waters has finished a script for the movie!

“Dan has written a brilliant screenplay for “Vampire Academy,” producer Don Murphy wrote. “Smart and funny, clever and really a great read—it is going to make a terrific film.”

Though probably best-known for the teen dramedy, Dan was also a screenwriter on “Batman Returns,” “Hudson Hawk” and “Demolition Man.”

For the uninitiated, “Vampire Academy” introduces best friends Rose Hathaway (a Dhampir) and Lissa Dragomir (a Moroi), who through a twist of fate become “shadow-kissed,” leaving them telepathically bound to one another. The six-part series follows Rose and Lissa through all manner of life-threatening circumstances, punctuated by love, loss and political intrigue. We, for one, can’t wait to see this engrossing tale brought to the big screen.

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