Emmy Rossum's 'Beautiful' Screening

As if we weren't already jelly enough of Emmy Rossum (that voice! that hair! that closet full of cute cotton clothes!), the actress spilled via Twitter today that she's preparing for a very magical screening: the first look at supernatural romance "Beautiful Creatures."

The film follows caster (a.k.a. witch) Lena Duchannes, who moves to a small Southern town and falls in love with mere mortal Ethan Wate, causing all kinds of problems, naturally. Emmy stars as Lena's cousin Ridley, who's been claimed for the dark side and and lures men with her siren powers.

Here's hoping Emmy can conjure up some kind of post-screening review, otherwise we'll have to patiently (or not so patiently) wait for the film's premiere on February 13.

Are you dying to see "Beautiful Creatures"?