'The Host' EXCLUSIVE Set Visit: Diane Kruger Is White Hot

With a mere three months until the alien invasion, MTV News is doing its best to prepare you for all those parasitic Souls—think of our features as a survival guide of sorts. In addition to "The Host" trailer debut and interviews with Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Stephenie Meyer, we're rolling out an EXCLUSIVE chat with Diane Kruger, otherwise known as the nefarious Seeker.

Diane explained the Seeker's role in the post-apocalyptic society imagined in Stephenie's novel: "The Seekers in general, they're looking for the last pockets of human resistance. Practically the entire world has been taken over," she said. "My character is a little different. You come to understand that this Seeker, me, is a little off."

Something else Diane also considers a bit off? The Seeker's wardrobe, which is composed solely of eye-catching futuristic cuts in ivory.

"All the Seekers are always in white and, well, this is a big part of my outfit. I have different outfits, but they're all white, perfect. My hair is always perfect," she explained. "It's been really fun. It's sort of like, 'Really? You're wearing a white outfit in the desert riding a motorcycle that is shiny chrome?' Okay!"

We all know what they say about wearing white after Labor Day, but no one explained the after-an-alien-invasion protocol, so...

"The Host" hits theaters March 29, 2013.

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