Set Your Sights On Steampunk With EXCLUSIVE 'The Friday Society' Book Trailer

A steampunk saga centering around three fierce femme fatales living and loving in London? Excuse us while we strap on our goggles and squeeze into our corsets so we too can join "The Friday Society."

In bookstores now, Adrienne Kress' latest novel follows a trio of girls, each employed by powerful men: Cora, a lab assistant, Michiko, a combat instruction assistant, and Nellie, a magician's assistant. The three meet serendipitously at a ball when a fellow party-goer is murdered, and it's up to them to uncover the truth about the dastardly crime while solving other misdeeds tied to the the mysterious death.

Sound like something that'll get your gears grinding? Well, just wait—because we have your EXCLUSIVE look at the book's action-packed trailer. And if there were any question as to whether Cora, Michiko and Nellie kick major butt, they should answered by this clip, in which a gang of nefarious gentlemen are no match for our fearless heroines.

Click play on the video above to watch the trailer, and be sure to pick up a copy of "The Friday Society," out now.

What do you think of this cinematic sneak peek at Adrienne's latest novel? Will you be picking up a copy? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!