Anne Hathaway's Straptastic Stilettos: Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em?

After Anne Hathaway's white-chenille-curtain meets clown-bridal-couture look at last week's "Les Miserables" world premiere, we spent a good several days examining her outfit from all angles and wondering if maybe, just maybe, the actress (who recently admitted that she'd dress far more eccentrically if not for her place in the public eye) was subtly and subconsciously acting out against the narrow expectations for fashionable celebrities by selecting gowns sure to raise her critics' hackles. Yes, we admit: We wondered.

But we were wrong.

She's not doing it subconsciously at all. THIS IS VERY MUCH ON PURPOSE.

Anne looked confident and poised at last night's New York premiere, wearing an inventive black taffeta dress by Tom Ford that included its own built-in cape (or is it a parachute?). And yet the dress, peculiar as it is, doesn't hold a candle to the shoes: black leather thigh-high stiletto bondage boots with straps galore. Add sleek, slicked-down hair and deep red lips, and this was one striking ensemble. But...well. Can we talk about those shoes? Either they're a bold and adventurous choice that hit all the right notes, or they're the unfortunate outcome of a failed "Project Runway" challenge to sex up a therapeutic leg brace. YOU TELL US. Vote in our poll after the jump!

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