Brenda Song Is The New Girl On 'New Girl'

For those who enjoy seeing one-time Disney Channel stars make good in the world of grown-up Hollywood (or for those who enjoy shouting "Hey, it's that guy from that thing!" at their television when a familiar face makes a cameo appearance), the upcoming season of "New Girl" should be a treat.

Per a report from Entertainment Weekly, you'll be able to spot Brenda Song, formerly of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," in a recurring role as a love interest for Lamorne Morris' Winston. Plus, the charming Nate Corddry of "The Daily Show" in a guest spot!

Brenda has snagged the role of Daisy, a competitive character who'll be a regular on the show and who, among other things, "dislikes quitters." (As opposed to the rest of the world, who loves 'em! Ah yes, there's nothing like a good quitter.) And Nate—probably best known for his "Brother vs. Brother" segments with actor-sibling Rob Corddry on "The Daily Show"—will be watchable later this season as a creepy guy who fixates on Jess.