Spy Miley Cyrus, Girl Detective, In New 'So Undercover' Trailer

Hollywood trends come and go, but some things never change—like, say, the slumber party charm of a film in which a smart-mouthed, crime-fighting, tough-as-nails lady law enforcer is called on to infiltrate the frilly upper echelons of some ultra-feminine organization. Ooooh, and especially if it involves a wisecracking makeover montage in which two bitchy stylists trade barbed remarks over the top of the heroine's head! So we're pretty excited to get cozy in the new year with Miley Cyrus's new flick, "So Undercover"; I mean, just check out the new full-length trailer and tell us you don't want to come over and watch it while we eat pizza and braid each others' hair.

Miley stars as Molly Morris, a girl who's traded in an ordinary teenage life for the kind of education you can only get on the street...or inside other people's apartments with a telephoto lens. But when the FBI needs a private eye inside a swank college sorority, it's back to school for the lady detective, where she'll engage in various missteps and slapstick shenanigans, and the movie will engage in many, many jokes surrounding Molly's lack of familiarity with the world of girly things and inability to use an eyelash curler.

So enjoy the trailer, and mark your calendar: "So Undercover" comes out direct-to-DVD on February 5.

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