Has Matt Damon Ever Danced 'Gangnam Style'?

And it all comes full circle. If you're an avid viewer of Josh Horowitz's web series After Hours, you may know that the debut of its "The Yes/No Show" segment featured "Adjustment Bureau" stars Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and an uncomfortable question about Ben Affleck's, uh, little Affleck. Well, we've once again cornered Matt, this time with Emily's sweetheart John Krasinski, who stars alongside Matt in the upcoming "Promised Land," opening in limited release December 28.

And despite Matt's disbelief that we're still doing this, the queries were more bizarre than ever. (How do you like them apples, Damon?) If you've ever wondered whether John has peed in Matt's shower, if Emily talks about Josh all the time, or if Matt's gone "Gangnam Style," you best get to clicking on the clip.

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