Was The Fashion Too Forward At Last Night's 'Les Miserables' Premiere?

Picture this: a swank hotel room in London, yesterday afternoon, several hours before the world premiere red carpet for "Les Miserables." Anne Hathaway is lounging in a dressing gown, relaxing before the big event, when the phone rings.

Anne: Hello?

Caller: Anne! It's Amanda Seyfried.

Anne: Amanda! How's it going?

Amanda: Great! So, I was wondering: What are you wearing tonight?

Anne: I was just trying to decide! I have a few options, but I don't know, they all just seem so...normal.

Amanda: Ohmigod, I was thinking the exact same thing! There's nothing wrong with the dress I picked out, but it's not exactly pushing the envelope.

Anne: Right? I mean, we've both been killing it with great outfits all year—

Amanda: You looked amazing at the Tokyo premiere.

Anne: Thanks! But you know, I think I'm tired of just looking amazing? Just once, I want to look amazing, but also like I might have borrowed my dress from the bridal trousseau of a very fancy clown.

Amanda: What?! Okay, THAT IS THE BEST. You have to do it.

Anne: Do you think so?

Amanda: I'll tell you what: You wear your clown couture, and I'll show up wearing the most interesting thing I can find, too. Twinsies!

Anne: Yes! Alright, I'm in. I'd better start getting ready.

Amanda: Oh, do you mind if I loop Isla Fisher in on this plan of ours? I know she'll bring the madness.

Anne: Of course, the more the merrier. Maybe someone should call Helena, too?

Amanda: I doubt we need to.

...And okay, no, we've got no way of proving that this conversation ever took place. But considering the adventurous fashion choices on display at last night's "Les Miserables" world premiere, nobody can say for sure that the film's leading ladies didn't make an advance plan to dress in their most daring duds, either.

Anne Hathaway wore the night's most eye-catching look, an extravagant Givenchy halter gown with all-over beading and enormous draped sleeves that hung off her shoulders. Amanda Seyfried made a similarly bold choice with her flamenco-style Balenciaga peplum bustier and asymmetrical skirt with a giant ruffle, paired with platform patent heels. And Isla Fisher showed off her assets in a strapless draped Willow dress with a daring dearth of fabric in the bust. But were these gowns more fearless than flattering? You tell us!

What did you think of last night's "Les Miserables" premiere looks?

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