'Beautiful Creatures' Character Posters Have Us Bewitched

If you're ready to work yourself into a rabid frothing frenzy of anticipation for the moment this winter when "Beautiful Creatures" finally hits the big screen, we've got just the visual aid for you! The moody, beautiful character posters for all seven major players in this supernatural southern gothic thriller are finally out in the world (via Facebook), and they're totally gorgeous. AND they're all right here for you to gaze at while sobbing and drooling and otherwise freaking out from every orifice in your face over how crazy-amazing this movie is going to be.

So lay down a waterproof tarp on your keyboard and feast your eyes on... Lena, looking lovely in busty black satin! And Ethan, oh-so-soulful underneath the live oaks! And Ridley, all sheer lace sexiness and with crazy spinning pinwheels in her eyes! And Macon, giving a whole new meaning to the term "silver fox"! And then be glad that you only have to wait a little over two months to finally see them all alive and in conflict at a theater near you, because a fangirl can only be contented with pretty poster-pictures for so long before she starts succumbing to the dark side.

"Beautiful Creatures" premieres February 13, 2013.

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