Anne Hathaway Wears Hotpants On The Cover Of Glamour

Anne HathawayWhy yes, that is Anne Hathaway in short hair and even shorter shorts on the cover of January's Glamour! The recently married star is front and center in the magazine's special "Self-Expression" issue, where she made a statement in both a casually styled photo shoot (she's seen in a limited-edition tank top for the One Billion Rising movement to end violence against women) and an interview with Eve Ensler that revealed her as not just a major star, but a thoughtful and passionate activist for the causes she cares about.

And now that Anne is a major celebrity at the top of her game, she says she's determined to use her star status for good.

"At this stage in my life—and this moment will not last forever—me walking my dog is news," she explained. "And because I take very seriously the idea that I can make an impact in the world, I hold back my voice so I can make more of an impact when I do use it. A cause like One Billion Rising is something I want to scream about, and I want you to take that scream seriously because I don’t fall out of nightclubs."

Anne also isn't afraid to leverage the power of celebrity culture to support the social causes she's passionate about—for instance, by selling off her wedding photos to benefit marriage equality.

"I really didn’t want the paparazzi at my wedding, and I thought that I'd outfoxed them," she said. But when some wily photographers got aerial shots of Anne in her dress, and she realized how much the photos were worth, "I wanted to prevent that, to make the money go somewhere else. So I released four photos, and every time they’re printed, in perpetuity, the money goes to a corresponding charity."

But thrilled as we are about Anne's activism, she is a style icon, too—and no interview with her would be complete without a discussion of the drastic haircut she got for her role in "Les Miserables." And though she confessed that the actual cut was terrifying, losing her long locks has had some unexpected, positive effects:

"People are warmer to me," she said, as compared with her pre-pixie days. And: "Also, I’m a fairly shy person, and [in the past] on days when I didn’t want to deal with the world, I’d wear a hat and pull my hair around me and hide. I can’t do that now. I have to be me all the time. And it’s changed my habits, because if I was having a bad skin day, I could have a good hair day. Now I have no hair, so I have to take better care of myself because I’m all face!"

What do you think of Anne's sassy style on the cover of Glamour?